TY Reflection 💜💜

Where to begin… TY had been such an amazing year. I’ve learned a lot about myself, what I’m capable off. I’ve made so many amazing memories with the best group of people. Honestly going into TY I was  very anxious, saying that though I go had only heard good things about it. People always told me to do it, that I’ll enjoy it so much, but I never expected to love it as much as I did.

The year was packed full of exciting trips. Beginning the year with Kayaking in Moville and the TY expo in Kildare, and our latest the mud run it’s been non-stop.
Trying to pick a favourite trip is probably one, the hardest thing to ask. I could list them out and tell you how much I loved each one. From the Ireland match in the Aviva, Ice skating in Belfast, Junk kouture, All Ireland Championship with our Grace O’Malley performance,Surfing, The Laurentic Antics the list goes on. Not to mention all activities we did along side our trips. Like our bake sales, Christy Toye doing the sky sports training , bucket collections and many more.
When we became All Ireland Champions is defiently a moment that I’ll never forget. Mrs. Keogh and all her hard work trying to teach us TY’s the dance all paid off. When we won it we all felt so proud, of what we had accomplished. It’s one of my favourite moments in TY.
The Laurentic was something that we were so lucky to have been involved in. It’s a historic moment that we were able to be apart off. When we got to show all our work, to the families of the people who lost their life’s on the Laurentic, it was so heartwarming.
I can not forget to mention our trip to Barcelona, at the beginning of our Easter holidays the school had the annual school trip to Barcelona. Many of us TY’s went to Barcelona. I had such a good time so many memorable moments made there.

If I was to describe TY in one word it  would be unforgettable.


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