TY Trips


To begin our Easter holidays 80 odd of Crana College students went to Barcelona for our school trip. We were in Barcelona from the 7th to the 10th. We had an early start at 6 to Belfast Airport. Once we landed it was 1 o’clock in Spain and we were straight of to the famous CampNou from the airport. We got to look around see the stadium and get some selfies, boomerangs and videos. We then went for lunch and headed for ice skating round two in Spain this time.

After ice skating we had a long journey to the hotel. When we arrived in the hotel it was very busy as there were so many other school there on school trips also.  We finally got to our room although as soon as we arrived in our rooms it was dinner. There was a disco on also so we went to that and then went to our rooms.


The next day we headed to the city of Barcelona and visited the famous Sagrada de Familia. Also we got to go on a boat to see some more of Barcelona. We then were given some free time to go around the streets of Barcelona. Once we got back to the hotel we all went in the pool before it was closed. That night then we got dinner and went to bed.

Our last day was at PortAventura, it was very enjoyable. We bought premium passes so we wouldn’t have to wait so long in line. We went on many rides and were wrecked at the end of the day but it was defiantly my favorite day. Once arriving back to the hotel we went and got ready for the magic show, it was called the House of Illusion.

We had to leave at 3:30 in the morning, we all were tired and delusional at the airport. I slept for hours when I arrived home, although I was wrecked it was such an enjoyable trip.


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