Our Childrens Book

Last week in our English class, our English teacher informed us that we were going to be making a children’s book.  She showed us the years passed books, for inspiration. She split us all in groups of four or five. My friend and I were out of class the first day they began brainstorming ideas for the book, although the next day in class they already had an idea in mind.

Our book is called “The Elephant and the Balloon”, the plot is about an elephant losing his balloon. The key meaning behind the book is helping people. We wanted to make sure that the children reading it would get something out of it.

We have the story line finished and now we just need to begin making a mock up of the book. Once we have the mock book finished our teacher will ,read over to make sure very thing is suitable, and then it gets sent of to the publishers. I’m very excited to see how our book turns out, and its such a great opportunity to have.


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