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The Regional Final of Junk Kouture👗💄

On the 6th of March was the Nothern Regional Final of Junk Kourture. I saw on Facebook that, we had got through to the semi-final which I couldnt believe, I was overjoyed. We found out we were through in January, so the next thing that was going to happen was voting. The voting went on, on facebook for 5 days.

As I was being the model I had to have a dance, along with my walk. Our song was Poker Face by Lady GaGa. Our friend Aine O’Riodan choreographed a dance and showed me. She’s an amazing dancer so we knew,  whatever she did would be amazing. On the day it was very nerve racking. We walked into our dressing room, and once I seen everyone I was so overwhelmed they all were so amazing. We arrived and began hair and make up. I was then called for a dress rehearsal. All the models went up and got a feel for the stage,and practiced our dance and walk. I practiced my walk and Abbie (team member) videoed it. It showed me what I was doing wrong, so once I did it for real that night I gave it my all.

Later on that evening I had my hair and make up all done(The hair done  by Mrs. Gill).  I put on our dress and the judges came around, to all the dressing rooms to talk us,and see the dresses more close up. At around 6 the models were the only ones aloud in the dressing rooms.

I got to talk to so many of the other models. I knew some, but I also got to talk to some people I didn’t know and they were all so lovely. The show began and the nerves really started to kick in. They’re were 4 blocks of models,  I was in block 2. I remember I was number 29th. When I was behind the curtain I was terrified, although once I got on stage it all just went away. It was such a surreal experience, the lights the music was amazing, the whole thing was.


Once the whole show was over, the judges came back on to announce the results. Although I didn’t get through I loved every moment of the experience. I was honestly so happy for the other people who got through.



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