TY Trips

Our Visit to Kilmainham Gaol & Glasnevin Cementry

On Wednesday the 1st of February the TY’s and the 5th year history students, went to Dublin to visit Kilmainham Gaol and also Glasnevin Cementery. We left bright and early at 7:00am, and arrived in Dublin at 11:30am.

We first took a tour around Glasnevin Cementry, and got to see the graves of some of Ireland’s most prominent national figures. Micheal Collins, Daniel O’Connell, and Eamon DeValera were some of the famous graves we saw at the cementry.  At the start we got to go inside Daniel O’Connells tomb and touch his coffin that was supposed to be good luck. Our tour guide told us that Daniel O’Connell’s body would not have deteriorated because his coffin was made out of lead.

After the cementry we got to go into Blanchards town and do a little bit of shopping and get some McDonalds. We then headed for Kilmainham Gaol.

While in the jail it was quite eerie,although it was an amazing tour. Too learn about the history of all the people in the cells ,was very eye opening to learn how tough life was for them. Too learn what happened to them because, they had courage to stand up for Ireland was heartbreaking.Too learn about the jail itself and the construction of it was very interesting also.


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