The Laurentic

Over the past few month’s the TY’s have been working on different projects in our modules on The Laurentic. This is because 100 years ago The Laurentic ship sank in the Lough Swilly. Due to it being so close to us, it was only right to commorate this historic event. All of our projects were displayed on the 27th of January, to the family members  of the members of the crew on board the Laurentic ship.


The 27th of January was a very busy day. It began with us doing our dance drama in front of the family members, and then talking to the family members about our projects. Myself and Lauren Duffy did a project on a member of the ship, and his grand daughter came up to us to talk about it. She was very thankful for us doing it, it was very heartwarming.

After we headed to the Guildhall in Derry and had lunch. There was a speech from the Mayor of Derry and also from officers in the navy. We then recreated a picture that was taken of the originals members of the crew of The Laurentic.

Later that night the students of the media, which was myself and 6 other students of TY, went to dinner at The Laurentic restaurant with the family members. We also interviewed some of the family members along with having a delicious dinner. All the work put into The Laurentic project really paid off. Talking to the family members really put it in perspective for me, how much our work  means to the family members.


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