Christy Toye meets Crana College ⚽️🎖🏐

Christy Toye is part of the Donegal GAA team. On Thursday the 1st of December, he met our TY class. It was a Sky Sports Programme and Christy Toye was delivering it the training.

At the beginning Christy Toye talked about his training with Jimmy McGuinness and how Jimmy McGuinness encouraged them. The main focus of the day was teambuilding. The first teambuilding activity we did was making a castle out of spaghetti sticks, masking tape, a marshmallow and an elastic band. We had to make it balance, there was 5 teams and only one got it to balance. It was not ours….


We moved on to the gym and did very fun teambuilding activities. One of my favourite activities we did was getting the  gaelic ball to go in a pattern. We through one ball around the circle in a patterm, once we got a rhythm we added more gaelic balls in. I honestly thoroughly enjoyed the day.


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