road safety

Road safety – Speed & Speeding 🚦🚗

One of the main causes of accidents on the road is speeding. Speed is the single biggest factor contributing to road deaths. Over 40% of fatal collisions are caused by excessive or inappropriate speeding. A 5km/h difference in speed could be the difference between life and death. Controlling the vehicle speed can prevent crashes happening and can reduce the impact when they do occur, lessening the severity of the injuries sustained by the victims.

One of the main questions asked is why do people speed?                                                         Drivers aged 17-24 drive the fastest, and then 25 to 58 year olds followed by 58 years plus with Males driving faster than Females. People say they speed due what they may claim are accepted social norms.

For example,

  • They’re late
  • Because their journey is more important than yours
  • They are contemptuous of safe drivers
  • They’re in a bad mood
  • Chances of getting caught are low
  • They think they have a right to

Excesive speed is a contributory factor in over 1,000 deaths and over 40,000 injuries every year. Conors story is an example of a speeding accident. Conor was just seventeen when he died in a speeding accident. As he was so young himself andd his his friend loved the idea of speeding. His parents spoke about the accident and it was very emotional, to think about the effects it had on his life, but also his family.

People can avoid speeding by, in areas where you are likely to come across pedestrians or cyclists, drivers at 20mph or lower, Remember! The faster you go, the harder you hit. Ensure you have time to slow or stop for the unexpected. Nothing happens ‘suddenly’ to good drivers. Keep your distance. Go slower when you have spotted a hazard.




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