blog filled with bad puns

Honestly this science project is no yolk.  I’m cracking under the pressure, but seriously my head is fried.

Okay now if you didn’t get the hint, we are using eggs in our science project. Our science project after going back and fourth, on what to do we decided to test, if teeth whitening recipes and products really work.We are using the eggs instead of our teeth as, they are a very similar material to teeth. We do not want to use our own teeth as it could ruin them.

We have tested recipes like baking soda, strawberrys and salt, that one was berry effective. We also used recipes like lemon and baking soda, we didn’t want to be bitter about picking the recipes. The recipe that didn’t work was coconut oil, although it was nuts to try that one. Before we tested these recipes we had to dip the eggs into coffee to stain them. That took a latte time.

Once we finished doing all the recipes we wrote  out the processes into our scrap book. We are now in the process of researching more on teeth whitening. Hope you enjoyed my blog on many puns, hope you found it punny.




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