TY Trips

St Columbs College

On the 20th of October my TY class and I, headed to a Careers Fair held in St. Columbs College in Derry. St Columbs College is a all boys school, not only that its massive. The school is very big and it was very hard to find our way around it. Although all the students in it were very helpful.

There were many talks being held in different classrooms, I went to the talk about Art.It was very informative and showed me all the options with art. The school was Letterkenny Institute of Technology. The school had recently introduced a course on Fashion Design. This is what intrigued me the most, as fashion may be a route i want to go down. They spoke about the designing of dresses and how to market them it overall was very interesting. In the PE hall they had stands set up for each university. It was very informative going around all the stalls and finding out about each university.

Of course since we were so close to McDonalds we had to get one. It was delicious food and a great day!!



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