wood work

The Cube Project

In Transition Year, every TY class completes the project named the cube project. The cube project is like a memory cube. You design the outside of the box however you like, and you can also design the inside, if you like.

We began our project on the 2nd of September, we brainstormed ideas in class and the following week, we knew our ideas for definite. My design for my cube is a lion, I got my inspiration from past transition years cubes.Some of the past cubes were of animals and they had  3D ears or tails. I wanted to do something similar except make the lions mane 3D.  We all designed our mini cubes and took pictures. We also began our development sheets, this is where we talk about our design, ideas and also our inspiration.

I’m enjoying the process of making the cube, I cant wait to continue the project and see how it turns out.ctxlf1vxyaehdz314331764_572275866290674_173493598_n14341442_572275849624009_291505890_n


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