work experience

Work Expierence

On the 6th of September our TY group began work experience. I’m doing my work experience in my old primary school, Scoil Naomh Brid.

I have been doing my work experience for 4 weeks now. When applying for TY  I wanted to gain confidence and communication skills. Work Experience I think is one of the main benefactors towards gaining this. I believe this as, everyday in work experience I get to help and teach the children, and this helps with communication skills.

In TY so far work experience has been the most enjoyable. I love that it is something new and exciting. I help a class of the ages 9-10. I get to help and teach the children about arts and crafts, which is one of my favorite subjects in school. Also I help the teacher with correcting homework, printing out posters to put around the classroom, and P.E. It is showing me how much I love spending time with children. elementary-school-students-clipart-1


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