TY Expo in Kildare

Our first TY trip away was in Kildare for the TY Expo. We had to get up at 5:30 in the morning, to get the bus to travel to Kildare, for the event. The slogan for TY Expo is Discover, Connect and Be inspired.At the TY Expo you can get new ideas from the demonstrations. You can talk to the people who are interest in the same ideas as you,and get more details about it. Discover somethings that excite you and get inspired. Also at the event you can listen to speakers at presentations. Darragh Harkin in 5th year now in our school, Crana College, spoke at the event about his experience of TY and life after TY.


Among many of the exhibits that I enjoyed for example Irish Youth Music Awards and Life choices. I really enjoyed the exhibit, The Hope foundation. The Hope foundation gives TY’s and 5th years a chance to see the work of HOPE and the extremities of life in Kolkata. There was a huge range of interesting and different demonstrations, varying from, as i mentioned above HOPE to being able to exchange with a spanish student for a few monthes. CSS offered this to improve TYs fluency in the spanish language and being able to experience life in Spain. Also to going to an Irish language college and adventure centre in Mayo, colaiste uisce. It is based around adventure and water sports, providing Irish and Adventure courses.

Overall it was interesting, it was a new experience and something that has shown me lots of new ideas. It showed me how many oppurtunties there is. 14348787_1165099796879510_1607541361_n.jpg



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